Do you find yourself frantic a lot these days?

It’s not your external reality that causes franticness; the cause is your ‘Mind Stories’ . . . your interpretation.

The villain isn’t the external situation on the screen of your mind — it’s your projector. In other words, the current external reality is not the root of your issues . . . your subconscious stories are running the show. Mind Stories tell you what role you play in the story of your life, what plot you are playing out, what intentions you need to follow.

Everyone has a different Mind Story…

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid to Shift from the Old World to the New One

Once every so often, an unprecedented event causes a great reset in the world, like this pandemic. We now face increasingly unpredictable and uncharted territories.

Like all changes, the “great reset” causes angst among most people. They remain unsure about how to navigate the “new world.” Do you cling to what you knew, or do you shed everything and start afresh? And it’s not just individuals. Governments, businesses and organizations must find new ways of dealing with emerging situations.

The news, for example, is full…

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed

One of the best ways to feel better is to understand that you’re not supposed to feel great all the time. You get to choose how to feel about situations by how you interpret and attach meaning to them. However, that doesn’t mean you should decide to feel great all the time. At times, experiencing other emotions, like sadness, might be what you need to heal and grow.

So how do you get your emotions to work for you instead of against you? We’ll explore how you can reframe your emotional state to fuel your personal growth and success.

Your happiness, your choice


Humans tends to get reactive and problem-focused when faced with uncertainty and intense change. Being proactive and solutions-focused, is learned skill. Reactivity evolved from a primal need for self-preservation and safety in our earlier days. However, the problems facing us today require a different approach. The good news is that you can train your mind to stay calm and creative in the face of stressors.

If you find yourself stressed because of present life situations, or are dealing with people who find it stressful, realize that it’s normal. Process the negative thoughts and emotions. Move them out of your body…

How to achieve impossible goals

How to Achieve Any Goal You Want

Often people don’t achieve a goal because they have an underlying doubt about themselves and their ability to achieve it. In this article we’ll explore how to cultivate an unwavering belief so you can start progressing towards your goals with power and clarity.

Now, most people think belief happens because of past ability to achieve a goal, like winning an award or building a successful business. In reality, however, many people have achieved external success and still feel miserable or like they didn’t deserve. True belief in yourself is an internal process.

Dealing with self-sabotage

Great things start to happen when you learn…

Indecision leads to fatigue. It creates anxiety and agitation by looping forth and back between options. Yet, many people these days feel stuck in indecision because of the uncertainty in the world. If that’s you, this one is for you.

First, you’re not alone. Unpredictability introduces unknowns that affect our decision-making. However, without a decision, you remain stuck longer.

A decision ushers you into a higher energy state of inspiration, clarity, and focused action, which inevitably leads to better results in your finances, health, work, relationships and other life areas.

Quick decision-makers have become indispensable assets in every situation, especially…

Some people believe that life wants them to fail. They look around and see losses and failures mostly. It can seem like life is against them, especially during periods of tectonic social-economic shifts like what’s happening now.

On the other hand, times like this can help you grow in more potent ways than when times are easy. If you look back on challenging times in your past, often you grew far stronger, wiser and more resilient. If it was easy all the time, you would likely stagnate. But life doesn’t usually give you a challenge you aren’t ready for. It…

Did you know that certain everyday activities can change your brain-mind system for good or bad? The brain-mind is a fascinating process that captures new data every day and helps you make better decisions. Thanks to advances in neuro-imaging, scientists now understand that changes to the brain affect how we interact with the world. Those changes can either help or hinder your progress.

Today, we’ll show you five everyday activities you can adopt to improve your lifestyle and better serve the people around you.

1. Read novels

To most people, reading a novel seems like a waste of precious time. However, reading stories…

Self Forgiveness and New Year’s Resolutions

Most people make New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you do, too. However, many people don’t keep these resolutions. Why? Paradoxically, it’s because they haven’t forgiven themselves for a lack of follow through in the past.

Think about the resolutions you have made over the years. Did you honour all these promises, from eating healthier and exercising to improving your relationships or travelling more? Probably not.

So, how can you break free from your guilt, shame, and disappointment and instead learn from these past failures? The simple answer: Self-forgiveness.

The power of self-forgiveness

You cannot move forward and take action on important life goals if you…

Daily habits reveal a lot about your overall personality and success in life. While some habits enhance your life and improve well-being, others drain you completely.

Fortunately, examining and shifting your energy-draining habits to energizing ones can profoundly improve your life.

Most people struggle to change their habits. A new habit requires time, effort and consistency. According to neuroscience studies, it takes anywhere between 21 to 66 days of consistent focus to form a new habit. Once established, habits happen on auto-pilot, meaning you no longer need to “will’’ yourself into performing them.

So, what is the key to shifting…

Carla Rieger

A trusted advisor to top performers in business. She helps people re-write the inner story they live by so they can break free to the next level of excellence.

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